Webinar Details 

  1. Laptops, desktops, tablets and cell phones are all compatible platforms to view the webinar.

  2. Your webinar token is for a one time use.

  3. Recommended Browser is Chrome.

  4. Once you are logged into the webinar and some how lose connection, you don't need to register again, just refresh your page or log back in if necessary. Also, a reconnect button is located on the right side of your screen below the chat room.

  5. If your page is stuck on loading please check your internet connection, this is not due to a webinar malfunction. *option try a different browser

  6. In case you missed a part of the webinar don't worry a webinar replay will be sent directly to you via email & will be available to you for 14 day after lecture has ended.

  7. Free webinars you will have to register for each time/date.  Click on the drop down menu on the countdown page and you will find the times/dates there. Please refer to photo below.

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